Giacometti, Tate Modern

Adult Entry: £18.50
Nearest Tube: Blackfriars, District & Circle Lines


It is very difficult to review the exhibition of an artist that you love. There is constant temptation to wax lyrical about the art itself rather than the exhibition, making an interesting essay but a poor review. I have tried to ignore the Giacometti’s ability to contain such potential energy with his static figures, or comment on the unrefined emotion straining from every angle of those unbearably human faces. Putting my (admittedly first-world) struggles to one side, imagine how high I set my expectations upon hearing of this Giacometti blockbuster exhibition at the Tate Modern.  Continue reading


Leighton House Museum

Adult Entry: £7
Nearest Tube: High Street Kensington


Leighton House Museum is not a Museum. I imagine that they added the suffix in a bid to add gravitas to the site. Such machinations are cheap, and all the more irritating because the house stands perfectly well on its own merits. That said, let’s begin.

Leighton House is the former residence of the famous artist Frederic, Lord Leighton. It is an unusual property because it was purpose-built as a studio-house, and it remains unusual because it is the only one of this type in the UK to be open to the public. It sits amicably on a row of houses in Kensington, its mild redbrick facade hiding an arresting oriental palace inside. Continue reading