Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave

Adult Entry: £12
Nearest Tube: Holborn or Tottenham Court Road


In the history of museum exhibitions, big names do well. Tutankhamen; The First Emperor (and his Terracotta Warriors); Pompeii. In that order they make up the most popular exhibitions ever hosted at the British Museum. With that in mind, the British Museum have rolled out another big hitter for the summer: Hokusai. Continue reading


Sunken Cities, British Museum exhibiton

The British Museum is vast, so much so that any review the length of a blog-post could not hope to provide a comprehensive view. As such, I will be focusing on individual exhibitions, and treating them as self-contained experiences. So, first up:

“Sunken Cities: Egypt’s lost worlds”
Adult Entry: £16.50
Nearest Tube: Russell Square/ Holborn
Duration: 19 May-  27 November 2016

Image courtesy of the British Museum

Image courtesy of the British Museum

The Sunken Cities exhibition focuses on the cities of Thonis-Heracleon and Canopus, two bustling commercial cities which were lost beneath the tide of time and the waves of the Mediterranean. The show seeks to draw attention to the ongoing archaeology at the sites, and highlight some of the exciting finds so far. Continue reading