From Selfie to Self-Expression

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If there’s one thing people love, its themselves. The moment humankind found a suitable surface 30,000 years ago we have not stopped drawing, painting, and photographing our own image. Gods, monsters, predator and prey- all have been the subject of humanity’s artistry. Most alluringly though, we have forever sought to depict ourselves. From stiff militaristic portraits to bold exposures of vulnerability (perhaps merely two sides of the same narcissistic coin) we are desperate to understand ourselves through self-expression. Such a topic would self-evidently be too broad for one exhibition, and so this entertaining installation at the Saatchi Gallery cherry-picks some interesting juxtapositions, and current observations, to explore. Continue reading


Tower of London: Resurgence/ Retribution/ The Reckoning


So my trilogy is done, the Tower of London has been reviewed. I’m currently spit-balling a name for the permanently-in-pre-production fourth installment. Please add your suggestions below.

There is plenty that I failed to include in these reviews, some quite glaring (White Tower anyone?). But in the end, it felt more important to focus on the subjects being raised by my visit, rather than a comprehensive review of the site.
Discussions need to be had to ensure that our cultural heritage sites do not become theme-park tourist attractions. Their role should be, first and foremost, for people to explore and enjoy their own cultural heritage. If we cannot afford to visit our own heritage sites, then what’s the point of having them?

Beyond that, interpretation methods are always interesting. Tours are growing and developing to meet the increasingly varied needs of visitors. Audio guides are now deservedly popular, and their human counterparts are doing great work to provide added value to visits. We live in a global society, and, as Tower Bridge will surely learn soon, printing text in 4 languages is no longer enough.

Finally, I want this roughly presented written tryptich to be an interactive experience. So please, let me know what you think.
What did you agree with? ..disagree with? Was I unfair? Woefully off-topic?
Let me know. As I still don’t have a job, I promise that I’ll have the time to read all your comments.